The Beginning

Guys, 2 0 1 6.

It's here. 

Say “hello” to the beginning of something wonderful----and “goodbye” to Adele’s new song that has been massively overplayed (thank you, radio stations across America). The New Year often means new dreams, new goals, + New Years resolutions (which I have never liked---but more on that later). However, this year I am challenging myself to do none of the above (I think I just heard you all Gasp!). Hear me out before you label me a passive, unambitious millennial. I am challenging myself to not just be a dreamer, but a doer. This begins with the launch of this very thing you are marveling at now:

Welcome to the Alexa Joy Brand.

I’m so glad you have decided to take a seat at my table + chat with me for a moment. Hopefully, you’ve got your coffee or tea + find yourself cozied up wherever you are like I am now. Over the past few months I have been working on this little world of written notes + fun extras. I’m overjoyed (+ slightly nervous) to finally invite you in on this process upon which I have found myself. I know God has some special treasures planned for us. Are you ready? Let's jump in…

 As many of you know, with anything in life that we pursue or create, there’s this question that naggingly lingers behind it: Why? What is the point? What’s motivating you? For me, the answers to those questions are multifaceted. The short version would be to…

Be truth in a world of deception.

Inspire and awaken sleepy hearts.

Make one name the most famous name of them all.

Those are pretty general statements, so allow me to break it down for you a little bit. Ultimately, the goal is that you will be consistently faced with the truth of God’s character + His desire for you to know Him deeply. Through that, I hope I can contribute to making the name of Jesus famous for all the right reasons. We have a lot of fakers out there, + I refuse to be one of them. 

There are a lot of other things I hope to see come from this as well. I hope to offer you a transparent story of my life----the crazy, emotional, flawed moments as well as the incredibly blissful + heaven-sent moments, + everything in between. It's not often we hear about the less appealing events of the lives of others---the kind that are ugly + heartbreaking, the kind that reveal the humanity underneath the masks we all usually wear. The kind of moments that stretch us, bring us to our knees, + cause us to come to the end of ourselves. The problem with that is that God often does His best work in those moments. They’re not cute + they are painful, but when He’s invited into them, He does great things. He is glorified in the process, not just the completed product of our lives.

People need to know that it’s okay to come broken before one another, to not put your best face forward all the time, + to allow Jesus to use community in the restoration of the things that are old + tattered in our lives. 

"Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”

Acts 2:46

With glad + sincere hearts. Sincerity requires transparency + honesty. In Acts 2:46, Luke describes the early church---the almost innocent + untainted dynamic between the first Christians. They were not only claiming to be Christ followers, but truly made partakers + regenerators of grace amongst one another. My hope is that I will communicate sincerity in everything I write +, in that, you will feel understood + not alone in your challenges. Better yet, you would feel that there is hope for a better way + that you don’t have to settle for dysfunctional lives. I want to wake you up + stir up something more inside of you, whether it be a hunger for something more than what you’ve experienced or to draw your attention back to the One who loves you with a deeper, more satisfying love than this world will ever offer. 

Every thing I write + release to you is, first + foremost, written to myself. I am merely offering you a glimpse into the thought processes, internal conversations, + revelations that God has given me. I do not claim to be an expert in any topic I address, but I do claim to be a learner in those things, + willing to share those lessons with you. Because of that, I will need a lot of grace from all of you! Something I am hoping we all learn to offer one another freely. 

Outside of my story, you can also expect to meet new people here, find a few new friends, have a couple “ah-ha” moments, + discover some pretty fun new places + products as well.

So, welcome! Welcome to a new beginning, a new friendship, + hopefully a year full of new lessons + old lessons learned in new ways. This year, let’s not just be the dreamers…let’s be the doers too. 


Alexa | Joy