Insecurity was never about her. Your fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about yourself was never really about the other girl's perceived confidence. And you know what? She probably is confident. But confidence doesn’t equal perfection. And besides — its irrelevant whether she is confident or insecure anyway. This is about you and your false perception of self. This is about your chronic obsession over your lack. This is about your need to find her faults or look at her sideways to make yourself feel better or exclude her from your life because her very presence stirs up an “I’m not enough” feeling inside. This is about your ridiculous need to prove your place and establish your space. This is about your misplaced focus on you. Because, friend, it’s true. It was never about the other girl. But equally, and possibly more importantly, it was never about you either. You’re insecure because you’re looking at yourself too much. Fix that gaze and lift it higher to the One that deserves all your attention.  I promise you that when you do, you’ll see and love the both of you a whole lot purer. 


Alexa JoyComment