Welcome, friend.

I'm Alexa Joy. Born northwest, raised state-to-state, & currently pit-stopped in San Diego. I've been all over the map & met lots of new faces, but I crave the finality of calling a place "home". I am a twenty-something life-amateur just trying to live as honestly as possible with myself & the ones that surround me. I am literally an expert in absolutely nothing. But I love people & learning about them. Connecting with the past & present of every life I know inspires me to love them all the more. Tell me your story, its my favorite thing.

I kick it with the raddest fools around & I've got a family that kills me, but that I'd equally die for too. My most recent status upgrade was becoming an auntie to little miss Tatum Rose
 (#Tgirl) and baby Titus King (#TK). *Gasp! My heart can't handle their cuteness. Have you ever experienced loving a little one that can do absolutely nothing for you in return? It's kinda like how God loves us. He just...does.

This life is good---the fun & celebration, struggle & fight alike. It all adds to the greater story of which we're all a part. I hope while you are reading a few pages from my chapter, you begin to realize you have a friend in me. You're understood & prayed for, loved & truly valued, full of purpose & intentioned for a thriving life. On these pages you'll find bits & pieces of who I am along with the lives of others that I find particularly magnificent. You'll find the nooks of the world that are special to me &  the things I could live without, but quite enjoy for one reason or another. 

I'm so very glad you've stopped by to hang with me. Let's make this a regular thing, yeah? Grab your coffee, tea, or jug of H2O---whatever you fancy--- & let's chat for a moment, shall we?


Alexa | Joy