Alexa | Joy


I'm Alexa Joy. A twenty-something west coaster seeking truth and health in all things. Chasing after the One who ignited my soul, but also, I really love a soft pink lipstick, can't start my day without coffee, and I find serious joy in blank canvases of all kinds. 

I fancy arranging words in new ways. So, yeah. Sometimes I write---amongst other things. I'm just like you, really. I experience the ups and downs of life and sort it all out along the way. Somedays my hair is all in its rightful place, I make good choices (both in head and heart), and I manage to squeeze in both time at the gym and quality time with a friend. Others, though, I forget I have two eyes when putting on mascara, my white shirt becomes a faded shade of my morning coffee, and I reveal just how ugly my heart can be --- more than I like to admit. Lessons are found in both days. Lessons that, I think, are worth sharing. Lessons that might prove to you that you're really not alone on the journey after all. 
Peruse away, my friends. I pray that while you do you find hope on these pages, newness in their message, all the good kinda feels to lift your head, and maybe a few 'ah-ha' moments, too.